Thomas Monson’s Homes (Updated)

Thomas S. Monson’s home is located at 4125 Carter Circle, Salt Lake City, Utah.


It was supposedly surround by Church Security posters with the following written:

“Secured by CS Worldwide 1-800-537-9702”

Link to security picture:

There also seems to be a pathway from his house to another structure behind it.  The backyard also appears to be quite large.


My understanding is that he does not live there much any more and now lives in the Church-owned apartment downtown (as Hinckley reportedly did) located on the top floor or 40 North State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84103.  I believe (I need verification) that it is the top floor apartment on the Northeast corner of State Street and South Temple.  Notice the windows—I have been told they are bulletproof.  I have also been told there is an elevator from the apartment that takes you directly to the vast tunnel system underneath Salt Lake connecting various Mormon buildings.  Supposedly the tunnels are have yellow carpet and is fondly called “The Yellow Brick Road”.  He is not the only apostle with residence there either (covered in future posts).  In the pictures it is the darker colored building.



It also appears that Thomas Monson and his wife Frances are the owners of a second home in the upscale Utah town of Midway.  It is located at 140 Farm Road, Midway, Utah.  The home is 1650 square feet on 1.7 acres and was built in 1977.  Market Value in 2013 was estimated at $383,734 (pictured below).


Here is property information from the Wasatch County site:



After a quick search it appears Thomas and Frances have an additional property up Provo Canyon.  A record can be found on the Utah County website.  This home is located at 6742 North Fairfax Drive, Sundance, Utah 84604.



Though modest, it is yet another property he has been able to afford.  Zillow estimates its value around $216,000.  It is a small one-bedroom, single story family Home.  Information is below.





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