Dieter Uchtdorf’s Homes (Updated)

Some of this post originated on the this site.  I will try to add to that information and provide a new presentation.

Dieter appears to own two very nice residences: one in North Salt Lake and another in Heber City, Utah.

North Salt Lake Home

First, his main residence in North Salt Lake.  It is located at 399 South Aerie Circle, North Salt Lake, Utah 84054.


The home was built in 1999, is about 2800 square feet on 0.22 acres of land.  According to the Davis County Treasurer website the 2012 Market Value of the home was $778,000.  According to, the estimated value is currently $728,414 while its peak value of nearly $950,000 was reached in early 2008.



One interesting fact is that his new neighbor is Dallin Oaks who moved in directly across the street in 398 Aerie Circle (more to come on this).

Second Home in Heber

Dieter also has a second home in Heber City, Utah.  It is located at 242 North Red Ledges Village Way, Heber City, Utah.


He actually is sitting on Lot 1 of the development.

The home was built in 2011 (its very new!) in the exclusive gated community of Red Ledges, is about 3800 square feet on 0.06 acres of land (though, as pointed out by a reader, this seems incorect).  According to the Wasatch County website the 2012 Market Value of the home was $637,274.


Here is a picture of a “Full Report” post on the Mormon Disclosures site:

I’m not sure whether Dieter is a golfer or not, but if he is I am sure he is enjoying the two golf courses in his backyards.  His North Salt Lake home is situated on the Eaglewood Golf course.

His Red Ledges Home is situated near the award-winning Jack Nicklaus Signature Course at Red Ledges.



After a quick search I found the following record related to a property at 246 East 300 North Provo, Utah 84606-2913 that lists Dieter and Harriet as the owners from 1987-1990.


Why did they own this place in the late 1980’s?  He was ordained to the Second Quorum of the Seventy in 1994.  Did a child attend BYU and their bought a place for that child to live while there (that’s common)?  It wasn’t worth very much at the time–only $41,000 and it didn’t go up during those three years.




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