Henry Eyring’s Homes

Now for the last member of the Mormon First Presidency: Henry Eyring.

I was honestly pleased to see his home’s estimated value as it really did seem modest and reasonable.  Well, that doesn’t seem to be the full story.

Henry’s home is located 1977 Chokecherry Drive, Bountiful, Utah. The house sits on the corner (see side and front pictures below) and is directly across the street from the ward building that houses the Mueller Park 4th, 5th, and 8th Wards (I believe his home lies in the 5th Ward boundaries).




According the Davis County Treasurer, its 2012 Market Value was $227,474.  The home was built in 1977 and is about 2500 square feet on 0.27 acres of land.


For some reason Zillow lists the home as being about 1700 square feet and estimates its value as $245,943.


I believe his son John is a fellow Davis County resident, however he seems to live closer to Dallin Oaks and Dieter Uchtdorf.

Originally I thought this was his only property, however, a quick search revealed that Henry and Kathleen also own a Twin Home in the Utah County city of Saratoga Springs.  This second home has four bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, was built in 1998, is about 1,500 square feet on 0.068 acres.  Zillow estimates its value at about $200,000 (again, relatively modest).  Note in Google Maps that it is again very near a Mormon Church building.  In the picture below, the house is at the end of the driveway on the right.




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