Boyd Packer’s Home

Boyd Packer has a nice home on a large piece of land in the Cottonwood Heights area of the Salt Lake Valley.  His home is located at 1850 East Forest Bend Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84121.


It’s listed on Zillow as having 3 bedrooms, 3.75 bathrooms, being 5,239 square feet on 2.18 acres, and estimate the Market Value as $1,329,844.  He also owns neighboring parcel of land that is 2.03 acres that Zillow lists the 2011 assessed value as $422,200.  The Salt Lake County Assessor list the 2012 Market Values as $1,292,490 and $422,200, respectively.  The combined total is then $1,714,690!





Essentially his home sits on 4.21 acres of land at the end of a private lane.


Also, note that his daughter Gayle Kezerian also lives on the same street at 1950 Forest Bend Drive.  In the map below you see his two properties at the end of the private lane in red and his daughter’s in green.  I believe other children may also be neighbors but I could not verify that.


I loved the comment on this forum discussion: “Over 5000 square feet on four acres, a high wall and a gate – that is an introvert’s house if I ever saw one LOL.  The only thing missing is the moat.”


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