Dallin Oaks’ Homes

Here is a little information on Dallin’s home in North Salt Lake, former home in Salt Lake, and other property.  Again, he may own other properties as well.  If you know of additional properties let me know in the comments and I will add it!


Salt Lake City Home

Dallin’s Salt Lake City home was located at 1813 Yale Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108.  He as apparently moved to a new home in North Salt Lake (see below).




From backyard pictures are here. Notice the Church Security (CS) blue signs.




Some Interior shots of the kitchen:



Additional information from Coldwell Bankers website:



The home is listed with Coldwell Banker.  Some pictures and screenshots from their website are below.

A video advertisement can be seen here:

This home is, according the Salt Lake County Assessor’s website, currently owned by Suburban Land Reserve, Inc.  The description is as follows:

“Suburban Land Reserve (SLR) is a real estate investment subsidiary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. SLR manages real estate purchases, sales & development for The Church, which are designed to economic development in the cities where it operates.”

Some of their recent projects include the Kimball Junction Land Sale, Sunbrook Residential Community Acquisition, and Lake Park Development.  They are located at 79 South Main Street, Suite 500, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111.

Zillow lists the house as having five bedrooms, two bathrooms, being 2,871 square feet on 0.16 acres, and lists it as being built in 1928.  Zillow estimates its Market Value as $579,239 while the Assessor estimate is $512,900.



Note this residence is a short 0.8 miles from Russell Nelson home.  It is also in the neighborhood of former apostle Joseph Wirthlin.


North Salt Lake Home

As we saw befor e, his Yale Avenue home is on the market.  This is because he recently moved to North Salt Lake and became neighbors with Dieter Uchtdorf.  They live across the street from one another.  Dallin’s address is 399 Aerie Circle, North Salt Lake, Utah 84054 (Dieter’s is 398 Aerie Circle).  Note:  it is hard to see but there is a red security sign in the from.  Here you can see a better picture where it is more clearly a red Church Security (CS) sign—other apostles’ homes have only had blue CS signs.



Zillow lists this home at 2,334 square feet on 0.3 acres with an estimated value of $663,324.  It seems to be a smaller home on larger land than Dieter’s home and is worth a little less.



Though it has been report on other website (I base my report on these sources), one interesting thing that appears from the Davis County Treasurer’s website is that this home’s Tax Statement Recipient is not Dallin Oaks but his first cousin and former General Authority Robert Oaks.



So, Dallin’s move to Dieter’s neighborhood has either been misreported or there is something that I don’t understand going on regarding the ownership of this house.


Utah County

Here are a few links to documents I found on the Utah County Treasurer’s website that I am not sure what they are about and don’t have to the time to spend looking to long at them.  If anyone wants to explain them please do.  I know he is from Utah County and therefore some of these transactions are probably related to familial matters.






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