Nelson and Wirthlin

I was recently reminded of the neighborly relationship between these two apostles.  Let’s review some dates.

Joseph Wirthlin

  • 1975-1976: Assistant to the Quorum of the Twelve
  • 1976-1986: First Quorum of the Seventy
  • 1986: Presidency of the Seventy
  • 1986-2008: Apostle

Russell M. Nelson

  • Apostle: 1984-present

I didn’t know until recently that they knew each other much better than just their time as apostles.  They served together in the Bonneville Stake Presidency.  Russell was President and Joseph was 2nd Counselor.  See the news article from December 12, 1964 here.


Note that their other neighbor in the nice Harvard/Yale area of Salt Lake was fellow apostle Dallin Oaks who was ordained an apostle on the same day as Russell in 1984.


Embarassing Mistake for Russell Nelson’s daughter

Russell Nelson’s daughter Sylvia Nelson married David Webster  on March 15, 1977.  But the announcement in the Deseret News made the mistake of calling her Syliva.  Gross!

On another note, that’s a good question—why are so many women today using the modern, gentle laxative Correctol?


Insurance Coverage, Gender Inequality

I have a number of items I want to share, but only in time.  My first post will be regarding mission presidents and their wives.  What is the value of a mission president?  What is the value of his wife?  Are they equal?  Does the church view them as equal?  How about in a monetary way?  Hmmm…..

Well, the answer is actually quite simple.  Their worth is specifically spelled out in the Mission President’s Handbook.  The travel insurance for the president is $50,000 while his wife is cover by a $25,000 policy.

The math is simple.  Male = Female + Female.

Welcome. Welcome to the inside.

As years have passed, my experience has grown.  I hope to share my stories on the inner workings of the Mormon Church.  Having served in many callings, I have sat in many meetings and built relationships with a number of well-known Mormon authorities.  I consider myself an insider that is now outside—by choice.  I now see past the exterior and see how the church functions, but I realized this is a unique perspective.  My goal is to help other outsiders understand and “see” the inner workings—for better or worse.